Vikar, Bhalla address Congress workers convention in Banihal

JKPCC Chief Vikar Rasool Wani along with Working President Raman Bhalla addressed Congress workers convention in Banihal and lashed out at BJP Government for its alleged misrule.
“BJP ever since getting access to power in Delhi has been on a rampage of dispossessing and disempowering common people of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s not about a particular community or a sect, they have gone berserk against all of us collectively,” Vikar Rasool said.
The JKPCC President stressed that the parties which had allied with BJP cannot be trusted by the people of J&K. “The modus operandi of these parties is to speak against BJP while out of power and then ally with it once in power,” he said, adding that only option before people of J&K is the Indian National Congress which hasn’t and will never be cozy with BJP.
Without naming Ghulam Nabi Azad, Vikar Rasool Wani said that the leaders whose political career is at its dusk, are still busy in implementing the Nagpur’s agenda in Jammu and Kashmir.
JKPCC Chief said that people of all sections have turned against BJP and that is why elections are being delayed due to fear of losing. “Congress party stands for change and people will throw out BJP in next Assembly elections,” he claimed.
Vikar Rasool also accused the BJP Government of using public money for polishing their own image through massive advertisement. He announced that Congress will create awareness among the general public about the failures of the Government and the drawbacks of not having the status of being a State.
He said that Jammu has witnessed huge setbacks due to the revocation of statehood, seizing of jobs, land, and suppression of political and civil rights by the BJP Government.
JKPCC Working President Raman Bhalla, while speaking on the occasion, said that the situation on ground zero in J&K was contrary to the claims of BJP leadership over colossal development and lasting peace. He castigated the Government for remaining busy in rhetoric rather than doing work on ground. He said that people are feeling unsafe under the present regime in J&K.
“BJP Government has also ditched the border dwellers in J&K as contrary to the commitment, no recruitment has been initiated in the border belts,” he said and demanded that the Government should fill all vacant posts on a fast track basis. He further demanded compensation to the farmers for their damaged crops.
Prominent among those, present on the occasion, include Pranav Shagotra, Latish Sharma, Jahanzaib Sirwal, Imtiyaz Ahmed Khanday, Bashir Ahmed Naik, Rashida Begum and others.