PHDCCI organizes prog on Lithium reserves in J&K

The PHDCCI Renewable Energy Committee and Jammu and its Kashmir and Kashmir Chapter organized a conclave on the discovery of Lithium reserves in J&K at the PHD House New Delhi.

The chief guest on the occasion Amit Sharma, Secretary – Mining and Geology, Government of J&K, informed that his Government will move at a very fast pace and in systematic way in starting sustainable Lithium mining activities in Jammu. He welcomed foreign as well as domestic investments and assured that his department will do it’s best to develop a Lithium ecosystem to create new business and employment opportunities for local population.

Guest of honour, Sudhendu J Sinha, Adviser, NITI AAYOG, informed that this discovery will indeed be a game changer for India and will facilitate EV adoption in India. He told that the PLI scheme for Advanced Chemistry Cells has been a huge success. The Government is bringing policies to make India a global manufacturing hub of EVs, laptops and batteries.

Saket Dalmia, President, PHDCCI, delivered the Presidential remarks and emphasised on sustainability and told that members should come forward to explore new investment opportunities coming up in Lithium mining.

Devansh Jain, Chair, RE Committee, in his Welcome address informed that the discovery of Lithium in Jammu region will help in India becoming Atmanirbhar in getting supplies of Lithium which is essential for EVs and RE sector.

Rahul Sahai, Chair, Jammu Chapter, said that the discovery of Lithium will help in boosting the local economy and creating new jobs in Jammu region. Sahai said discovery of Lithium has added more glory to Jammu also said that related industries should promoted at the most with maximum of local employment .

Tarun Sharma of Feedback Infra and also the Knowledge partner, in his presentation explained the international scenario of Lithium availablity and threw light on its mining process.

Shreyas Nitin, Head – Manufacturing, Triton EV India, spoke about the innovations done by his company in USA and India. His company is soon going to launch EV trucks in India and in some time Hydrogen Trucks as well.

A panel discussion, moderated by Shamsher Dewan, Senior VP ICRA, was also organised which had Neeraj Singal, Director, SEMCO Group, Rajiv Rao, Business Head GFCL EV Products, Maj Gen Dr Shri Pal, Founder, Bunkerman and Rohit Pathania of OMI Foundation as panelists.

Col Saurabh Sanyal, CEO & SG, in his opening remarks spoke about the significance of the discovery of Lithium in Jammu for India.