Meet Seema Devi, the first woman e-rickshaw driver in J&K

Seema Devi from Jammu’s Nagrota area was a virtual unknown till she resolved to earn a living for herself and find a way to support her husband. The first woman e-rickshaw driver from the Valley, Seema Devi said the move to chart a source of living for herself stemmed from the urge to help her husband financially.

Seema said she explored many avenues to earn a living for herself till her husband learned that e-rickshaws were available for purchase at subsidised rates. Before long, the couple bought a three-wheeler on EMI (easy monthly instalment) scheme and Seema’s husband took it upon himself to teach her to drive the vehicle.
Having taken the driving lessons in earnest from her spouse, Seema is now not only a professional e-rickshaw driver ferrying passengers to their desired destinations in Nagrota but is also making good money out of it. However, she conceded that the journey to becoming the first woman e-rickshaw driver wasn’t rosy as she had to overcome certain inhibitions and the nervousness of having passersby and commuters stare at her in amusement. A mother of three, Seema said she has got over those initial hiccups and is happy to be earning for her family and children. She added that her family members were unstinting in their support to her in this pursuit and her fellow residents have come to appreciate her resolve to make a living for herself.

Fellow locals said Seema Devi is an inspiration for other women who aspire to make a living for themselves and their households.
Seema said that her day job has not been an obstacle to carrying out her regular household chores. She said she sets out with her vehicle early in the morning and caters to her household duties as and when she gets time in between.