Lotus blooming across J&K: Kavinder Gupta

Kavinder Gupta, senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister has asserted that people are highly impressed by the policies of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as a result of which the party’s lotus is blooming across J&K with people enjoying the benefits of Central Sponsored Schemes irrespective of their caste, creed or colour.

He was addressing a gathering during a BJP joining function.

Impressed by the policies and programmes of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a number of youth joined the party during the function in Qasim Nagar and Sheikh Nagar areas. The new entrants i.e. Rakesh Kumar and his group joined the party under the leadership of Kavinder Gupta in the presence of Ravinder Raina, BJP president; Vinay Gupta, BJP district president; Sharda Kumari, corporator and Ankush Gupta.

Kavinder Gupta, while welcoming the new entrants into the party fold, said that Prime Minister, Narendra Modi led Government at the Centre has launched a series of welfare policies for every section of society irrespective of caste, colour and creed of the beneficiaries. He said that the people at large especially the youth, women and weaker sections are today enjoying the benefits of the Central Sponsored Schemes.

Enumerating the achievements of the Modi Government, the senior BJP leader asserted that the incumbent Government has done a lot in just eight years of its governance which the successive Congress governments could not do in 70 years of their governance of the nation post independence. He said that BJP’s Lotus is blossoming and spreading across the Union Territory at an unprecedented speed with people highly impressed by its policies and programmes are joining the party. He said that the joining of BJP by the people especially the youth on a regular basis itself speaks about the popularity and achievements of the party and the performance of its Government at the Centre.

Asserting that BJP believes in selfless service of the common people especially the needy ones across the nation, Kavinder asked the new entrants to accord top priority and dedicate themselves to the service of the people by remaining present amidst them 24X7 and take stock of their issues and problems and get these addressed at the earliest.