J&K administration choking public voice through dictatorial behavior: AAP

Terming the recent move of administration to impose restrictions on Tawi bridge of Jammu City as ‘Dictatorial’, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said that Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and LG administration is choking the voice of helpless masses.
Addressing a press conference, AAP leaders including former minister Harsh Dev Singh, Gagan Partap and others raised concern over the move. “On one hand you people (BJP Government and LG administration) are failing to provide relief and redress the grievances of masses and now you are choking the voice of masses who raise their plight,” AAP leaders said.
They said that after killing democracy in J&K, BJP has started to create a situation of emergency through dictatorial behaviour of its bureaucrats. “Members of Yuva Rajput Sabha held a peaceful demonstration to raise their demand but instead of listening them, Government and LG administration has followed the lines of imposing an emergency and dictatorship by restricting assembly which is denial of the basic right of raising voice against injustice,” AAP leaders said.
“Government and LG administration have failed to redress the issue and now when people want to highlight their plight through the medium of peaceful protest, they are choking their voice,” they added and demanded immediate intervention of the President of India to prevent further deterioration of the situation.
The AAP leaders said, “It is a point for serious introspection for people of J&K as earlier LG Administration and BJP Government failed to solve their issues and now they are even stopping them from raising their voice.”